Illustration for article titled Curiosity Is Going To Drill Mars, Looking For Signs Of Past Life

Curiosity is going to peer beneath the red surface of Mars by drilling into it — and scientists are hoping to find signs of ancient life.


The Mars HiRISE camera returned this snapshot of Curiosity having arrived at its drilling destination in the Kimberly. So just what are they hoping to find below, that they can't on the surface?

Signs of past complex organic material that can't be found on the surface terrain exposed to the rough Martian elements just might have a better chance of being found underground. Even if they can't find those signs of past life there, researchers say, there's still a shot that they can at least get a better sense of whether the conditions of the past might have at least been able to support life


The Kimberly is not Mars' only drillsite, Yellowknife Bay was also a drilling target. But the Kimberly might be the best chance yet at discovering evidence that there was, at one point at least, life on Mars.

Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

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