How thick will the stew of terrorists, gangsters and cyber-freaks get in the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica? Judging from some new script pages, the pilot was just the beginning of the ethical quandaries and tangled alliances. Major spoilers below...

Some casting pages leaked onto SpoilerTV from two different episodes: "The Reins Of A Waterfall" and "Gravedancing." There are about 23 pages, which appear to be genuine pages from those episodes' scripts, and they give some major clues about where the story is going in the wake of that pilot that came out on DVD a while back.


The story seems to pick up right where it left off — Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama are mourning their daughters, who were resurrected as virtual avatars. The officials are investigating the monotheistic terrorist train bombing that killed both girls. And Joseph Adama is struggling with being a mob lawyer. Add Caprican racism, dirty politics, religious war, and stir.

Zoe Graystone is still stuck inside a robot body, and she can't get out. She tries to use a holoband to get back inside the virtual world, but the holobands only work if you've got an optic nerve, and she doesn't any more. She has a frustrating conversation with an artifiical intelligence named Serge, who suggests there's another way to access her processing center. Later, we see someone named Philomon working on Zoe's robot body, and the virtual avatar of Zoe is watching him work. He turns and sees her staring at "his eyes... his lips... his hands..." and she starts, like she just got caught staring. Which she was.


Meanwhile, Zoe's friend Lacy is trying to deliver something to Gemenon for Zoe — which she says was Zoe's last dying wish, even though Zoe's still alive, sorta. Lacy tracks down Keon, a big, slow student who's actually smarter than he looks, and tackles him, literally knocking him to the ground and holding him down until he admits he's a member of the STO — the monotheistic terrorist group that blew up that train in the pilot. Lacy and Keon start hanging around a lot, and while they're fixing a motorcycle together, they share a moment of sexiness. Lacy talks about putting in screws and almost makes a naughty double entendre, and then she and Keon share a look. Lacy asks Keon to help her deliver Zoe's package to Gemenon, and Keon says he'll see if the STO is willing to help.

Meanwhile, the terrorist bombings don't stop. Someone blows up a holo-cafe, and the Global Defense Department is pushed to its limits trying to respond. Two cops, Duram and Youngblood, are investigating, but they're on the hot seat when their superior, Singh, finds a tape of them interrogating Ben, the terrorist bomber from the train, a whole year before the train bombing. They pulled in Ben for truancy and found detonators in his bag, but he said they were for model rockets. Duram and Youngblood are under pressure to produce something to make up for their collossal blunder, so Duram decides to push the limits of the law as far as they'll go. He gets a warrant to raid the school where Ben and Zoe studied, because Zoe's mom Amanda held up an infinity pendant at her memorial. (And that's the symbol of the monotheistic terrorist guys.) Singh warns that you can go so far to protect the people, you make the people your enemy. And Duram replies, "When they start setting off bombs, I stop worrying so much about their rights."

Sister Clarice is fairly upset about something — possibly the fact that the cops raided her school, and Keon nearly got caught with something incriminating in his locker — and she decides that god's vengeance must be seen. A mysterious figure warns her not to go too far, but she ignores it.


Meanwhile, Daniel Graystone is becoming a laughing stock in the media. Buster Sarno, a sort of Jon Stewart-type comedy talk show host, makes jokes in his monologue about how Graystone is changing the name of his autobiography from The Man Who Saw The Future to Oops, I Didn't See That Coming. (I don't think the real Jon Stewart would be that mean.) Graystone decides to book himself onto the Buster Sarno show ASAP, to try and save himself.

Sam Adams is spending a lot of time with young Willie Adama, teaching him about horse racing and odds and stuff. At first Willie thinks odds are just the opposite of evens, but he starts learning fast. Risk, he says, is what gets you paid. Sam likes hearing that. And Sam takes Willie home for dinner with his partner, Larry, and they teach Willie about the Gemenese gods. Sam also hangs out with Amanda, and they bond over their shared loss. Sam suggests to Amanda that maybe they should do something to balance the scales, and Amanda realizes she's in too deep.


Joseph Adama, meanwhile, is having a bit of a crisis of conscience. He and his assistant, Justine, go to deal with a case involving one of Sam's friends, a perpetual crook named Ozzie. The judge in the case is being a rude jerk to Joseph and chit-chatting with the prosecutor about beaches on Canceron, where the security is so good you don't even know you're not on Caprica. And he keeps ignoring Joseph and snubbing him. So finally Joseph makes a huge scene and lists all the times the judge has accepted his bribes and let murderers go free. Justine says the judge will take it out on Ozzie, but Joseph doesn't really care. He's finally being true to himself, whatever that means. Justine is not impressed at all.

Oh, and Tamara? Joseph's daughter and Willie's sister? She's still around, wandering in the virtual world and searching for an exit. [SpoilerTV]