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Cult Scifi Film's Secret Christian Connection?

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A Boy and His Dog, a rarely-screened, trippy post-apocalyptic film based on a novella by Harlan Ellison, will be shown in Los Angeles as part of a double feature with Christian documentary Waiting for Armageddon. Why the odd pairing?


The 1974 A Boy And His Dog stars Don Johnson as a teenager wandering in a ruined, post-World War III world of 2024, scavenging for food and women with his telepathic, genetically altered dog. (It was directed by L.Q. Jones.)

That'll be paired with the new documentary, Waiting for Armageddon, which looks at the anticipation of End Times by American Christians and Israeli Jews, at Los Angeles' Downtown Independent theater. ("The Rapture makes me have to focus," one woman interviewed in the film says. "Because I may meet my maker tomorrow.")


Paul Marchant, who books films for First Run Features, came up with the idea for the double bill while speaking to the cinema's film booker, Ivan Pacheco.

Marchant told io9:

I just said to Ivan, "You know what might be neat. Waiting for Armageddon paired with A Boy and His Dog, a before and after look at the apocalypse." The next day I ran it by David Heilbroner [one of the directors of Waiting] and he said something to the effect of "What's life without humor?"

A midnight movie, then, from the end of time. But will the Rapture of the faithful look like Ellison's dangerous vision? Maybe time will tell.

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Would you believe this was one of the first DVDs I ever bought?