The great and horrible Cthulhu is rising from his aeons-long slumber, and it's up to you to either stop him and send him back to his watery resting place, or aid him and give rise to the ultimate evil. You can choose either the side of investigator or cultist in Twilight Creations' upcoming game Cthulhu Rising, created by legendary German game designer Reiner Knizia. How will such an epic struggle translate to Knizia's abstract, mathematical style?Twilight Creations are known for their dark themed games, the most famous of which is probably Zombies!!! Knizia has won numerous awards for his "European style" board and card games, including Samurai, Lost Cities, Lord of the Rings and Kingdoms. His games tend to be interesting mathematical puzzles with some sort of theme loosely overlaid. This can work very well (Lost Cities is a fantastic game), but I'm not sure it will make sense combined with a cosmic horror back story.


Each player will work to line up numbered tiles on the game board, trying to rack up points and simultaneously block their opponent from getting points. I'm sure it's a great game, but in this case, the theme seems to have been very loosely applied. It's basically a math game with a picture of Cthulhu printed on the background of the board. In all fairness, the game isn't actually out yet - just some preview pics of the board, so maybe there's a ton of awesome cultist powers or investigator abilities that flesh out the theme. Plus, it could offer a nice alternative to marathon games of Arkham Horror. Image by: Twilight Creations.