Cthugrosh and the Lords of Cthul Are Pure Evil in Sculpted Plastic

Of all the monster factions in the upcoming miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, the Lords of Cthul are the evilest. In the words of designer Eric Yaple, "Fueled by the worship of their cultists, these fiends seek to draw life from the Earth as a starving man sucks the marrow from a bone." We've got inside info on Cthulian Meat Slaves and Task Masters, and how being evil means using your friends as projectile weapons.

The Lovecraft-inspired Lords of Cthul will be a tricky faction to manage, as their big beasties don't deal the raw damage that the other kaiju are capable of. They also need to manage their non-giant minions better, since they can fuel themselves with the lifeforce of the hapless cultists and minor demons.


Meat Slaves are basically walking incubators for other (nastier) monsters, while Task Masters (pictured) use telekinesis to chuck friends and foes across the game board. It looks like Monsterpocalypse won't be based around predictable 1-on-1 monster battles, but will instead make a combined arms tactical approach crucial for victory. If only they could get the license to make a Cloverfield unit. Images by: Privateer Press.

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