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A bizarre legal case pits the family of recently-deceased Mary Robbins against Arizona cryonics company Alcor. Robbins signed a contract with Alcor to have her head cryogenically frozen after her death. But now her daughter won't hand the head over.


It sounds like a lawsuit from the future. Four years ago, Robbins, a nurse, signed a contract with Alcor to have her head cryogenically frozen. She also promised the company $50 thousand on her death, to pay for the procedure. Alcor is a Colorado nonprofit that has frozen a number of heads (pictured above - see more pictures here), in the hope that future medical science can thaw them out and put them onto new bodies.

Robbins died of cancer last week, and her family claims that a few days before her death she signed a form rescinding her wishes to have her head frozen. A lawyer for Alcor, however, says that there is no such form. The company has offered to take the head and leave the rest of the body for the family, but the family has declined. Robinson's body remains on ice while a court decides the case.


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