There is so much death on this show. So much. Has someone died in every episode of this series? I want to say yes, and this week was no different. Death, death, death, teen stuff, death... That's the 100.

Spoilers below...

Honestly, I was very nonplussed with this episode. Everyone was just acting like a general dick. Especially Jasper, plus I'm really getting uncomfortable with the kids throwing around their guns all the time. So real fast, let's discuss the high points.


Murphy's back, and no one is happy to see him. Aw, poor Murphy. So the little rat-face has returned to the nest, only to infect everyone with some sort of virus that makes you hemorrhage blood. It's vile. Apparently the grounders gave it to Murphy so they could infect the camp of star children. Then, after the kids were all incapacitated, they would strike.

Long story short, the kids build a bomb from the newly wrecked drop ship and blow up the grounders' bridge. Which supposedly kind of stops them. Meanwhile some people recover from the virus, and some die. It's unfortunate and pretty gross.


What else happens? Bellamy continues to half flirt with Clarke. Finn and Raven break up there's a love triangle in the making. Lincoln abandons his home because "Mountain People" are coming, which... greeeat.

The biggest takeaway for this all on-the-ground episode (which was different for a change) was that Jasper is turning into quite the little dick. Let's hope he stops acting like a little shit soon, because I liked the old him. Oh and also Murphy is taking back his revenge slowly, and in a smart way. Good on you for having patience.


Maybe next week we'll find out what happened with the downed dropship? Here's hoping.