Cruel And Unusual Imagines The Most Horrific Punishment For Murder

Marina Antunes - Quiet Earth
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Death is a scary enough thing but for many, the unknown that comes after death is even scarier. Do we simply stop being or is there something for our subconsciousness after our physical body stops breathing? Writer/director Merlin Dervisevic has an idea of what may come next and it's not pleasant.

Cruel & Unusual stars David Richmond-Peck as Edgar, a mousy looking man who wakes up one day in a strange institution. He shares the mysterious place with a number of other individuals and they're all there for the same reason: they killed someone and are now forced to re-live the murder, from the moments leading up to it, the act itself and the aftermath, for all eternity. Except Edgar doesn't believe he belongs there. He's adamant he didn't kill his wife and he's determined to escape the very worst version of Groundhog Day. Along with Richmond-Peck, the movie also stars Michelle Harrison (Altitude), Michael Eklund (The Divide, "Bates Motel") and Richard Harmon ("Continuum").


Not only does Cruel & Unusual look great, the movie has some excellent DNA: it's produced by Matthew Cervi (The Colony) and Vincenzo Natali provided guidance on the project as the Director Mentor, a program spearheaded by the Canadian Film Center.

Cruel & Unusual is currently making rounds on the festival circuit, check out their Facebook page for updates, and is scheduled to open in Vancouver at the Vancity Theatre on May 24.

This post by Marina Antunes originally appeared on Quiet Earth


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