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Crucial insights about selling your short fiction, from an editor

Illustration for article titled Crucial insights about selling your short fiction, from an editor

Your short stories are little perfect jewels, but how can you get a magazine editor to fall for them? Fantasy Magazine's Cat Rambo gives some invaluable advice in an interview with Redstone Science Fiction.


Among the other great bits are Rambo's description of her process of reading through the hundreds of short fiction submissions she receives every month:

One of the things I will do is read a batch of stories without making judgements and then go back the next day and see which I remember well. A story needs to have heart and emotion, beyond strong writing.


And her advice to aspiring short-story writers:

Be persistent. It's not enough to write, you have to get the stories out and in front of editors. Research markets and find the places that list new ones. Don't take rejections personally, but get the story right back out there.

Work on your craft. Read good stuff and try to figure out what makes it good. Experiment. Get a good writing group where you're not the most talented one there and learn from critiquing and being critiqued.

It's well worth reading the whole thing to find out what she's seeing too much of (redone fairy tales, among other things), what she'd like to see more of (fantasy that deals with class divisions) and what she thinks the most interesting thing about steampunk is. [Redstone Science Fiction]

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