Crowdfund question block lamps, slime mold field guides, and much more

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You can run around your house pretending to be Mario or Luigi with the question block lamps currently available through a Kickstarter campaign. Or pledge for social justice sci-fi, a slime mold field guide, or an unusual exploration of Darwin's Origin of Species.

Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements

Adrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Imarisha have tapped community organizers and activists to write stories for their science fiction anthology. Their hope is to gather stories with a different perspective on science fiction, exploring social justice issues through the lens of genre fiction. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a teaser zine, containing excerpts from several of the anthology's stories and essays.


The Question Block Lamp

The folks at 8-Bit Lit showed off their Mario Bros.-style question block light a while back, and now they want to mass produce them. You can suspend the lamp from your ceiling, and switch it off and on by hitting the base. For a $49 pledge, you can get a question block lamp of your very own.

Slime Molds: An Illustrated Guide


Scientific illustrator Angela Mele has teamed up with University of Arkansas biologist Steven L. Stephenson to illustrate a field guide to Australian myxomycetes, better known as slime molds. The book reward is pricey: $50 for the field guide, plus a high-quality printable PDF poster of the slime molds and two mini greeting cards. It's for the true slime mold aficionado. [via Scientific Illustration]

Advantageous: The Feature


Director and co-writer Jennifer Phang and co-writer and star Jacqueline Kim are looking to expand the short film Advantageous into a feature-length film. Advantageous centers on Gwen, a corporate spokeswoman who considers undergoing a radical medical procedure that would allow her to keep her job and give her daughter a shot at a better future. For Venture Bros. fans, the expanded film will also feature the voice of Dr. Venture, James Urbaniak. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive an exclusive digital download of Advantageous.

The Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin — Evolutionary Edition


The species aren't the only ones that have gone through changes. Charles Darwin rewrote his seminal text six times over the course of his life. This volume captures all of the edits made over the years, using the design, typography, and layout from the original 1902 letterpress edition. Delve more deeply into Origin of Species and Darwin's process as a scientific writer. A £7 pledge gets you the digital edition, and a £20 pledge gets you the full print volume.

A Vampyre Story: Year One


Lucas Arts veteran Bill Tiller is looking to create a prequel to his adventure game A Vampyre Story. In this story, the reluctant vampire Mona must explore her master's castle in order to rescue Froderick, a cute bat, from a gang of bat thugs. Tiller expects roughly five hours of game play and is offering PC downloads for an $8 pledge. [via Hero Complex]

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