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Want to help writers of fanfiction get their original writing careers off the ground? A new press is publishing a novel by fan writers. Also, cartoonist Frank Cho is sharing his techniques for drawing women in a new book and a webcomic character gets a graphic novel series set in his childhood.


Big Bang Press: Original fiction for an original audience.


There are some amazingly talented writers in the fanfiction community, but these writers can have trouble finding a larger audience for their original work. That's where Big Bang Press comes in, publishing and promoting original genre works by fanfiction writers. The first few novel coming out of their stable are A Hero At The End Of The World by Erin Claiborne, Juniper Lane by Kady Morrison, and Savage Creatures by Natalie Wilkinson. You can read more about each book on the Big Bang Press campaign page. For a $10 pledge, the press is offering backers their choice of one of the three books in ebook form. For a $25 pledge, you can nab all three as ebooks.

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows, in large part because of the way he draws the strip's women. Now he's sharing his techniques in a new art book that will take readers through the steps of his pen-and-ink, brush, ballpoint pen, and painting styles. For a $20 pledge, he's offering backers a paperback edition of the book. [via Bleeding Cool]

Crimson Rhen of The True North


Thom and Kambrea Pratt's webcomic Shadowbinders is set in a steampunk fantasy land where magic resides in the hands of very few mages. One of those mages is the cocky Crimson Rhen, and the Pratts are working on a two-book middle grade graphic novels about the adventures of a young Crimson Rhen and his friends. For a $25 pledge, backers will receive 12 pages of the comic each month, plus monthly bonus content and a download of the completed book in ebook form.

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