Larry Elmore is collecting the complete SnarfQuest in a single volume for the first time, and you can get it if you help fund it. You can also fund Rudy Rucker's new project, a Mockingjay fan film, and a webseries set in an alternate 1970s.

Top gif from Once Upon a Time in the 1970s.

SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Remastered Graphic Novel


Larry Elmore's fantasy comic SnarfQuest debuted in the pages of Dragon Magazine in 1983, but it has never been collected in a single complete volume. The new, remastered edition will include the stories from Dragon, Werewolf, and Birds & Bats, as well as other SnarfQuest art Elmore has made over the years. For a $30 pledge, you can grab a copy of the book.

Mockingjay: Burn (A Hunger Games Inspired Short Film)

This Mockingjay fan film shows Katniss' life as a soldier fighting in the District 13 rebellion juxtaposed with glimpses of the decadent life inside the Capitol. Kristen Brancaccio stars as Katniss and Leo Kei Angelos, who brought us the Wonder Woman fan film First Impressions, directs. For a $15 pledge, they're offering a District 13 patch, plus a digital download of the soundtrack.

Once Upon a Time in the 1970s - Sci-Fi Webseries Season 2


Move over, steampunk. Once Upon a Time in the 1970s is a webseries set in an alternate version of the era of disco, with robots, flying wingsuits, and what the filmmakers call "transistorpunk" technology. There's a strong emphasis on practical effects, clunky-looking technology, and ridiculous design—and they're working on a second season. For a $10 pledge, they're offering backers an HD download of the entire series.

Transreal Trilogy + All the Visions


Rudy Rucker's Transreal Trilogy is focused on transmuting his ordinary life into science fiction. Here's what he has in store:

* The Secret of Life: A 60s college student learns he's a saucer alien.

* White Light: A hipster math professor travels to the afterworld.

* Saucer Wisdom: A cult author tries to write about alien abductions. (With 57 line-drawing illos by me.)


For a $10 pledge, he is offering ebook versions of all the books plus his autobiographical book All the Visions; for a $50 pledge, he's offering hard copies of the books, plus digital versions of all of his Transreal books.

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