Crowdfund Cthulhu Ponies, Sex Toy Comics And Toy Swords That Keep Score

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A couple of our favorite webcomics—one about an ex-superhero college student and another about sexy toys—are coming out in print and you can give them a crowdfunding boost. You can also help fund a line of horrifying pony toys, foam swords that keep score while you duel, and a video game that teaches coding.


Little Maddie Designer Figure

The cutest little Eldritch horror is ready to enter your home and sit by your bedside as you dream mad dreams. Bigshot Toyworks is kicking off their Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse line with a 6-inch Little Maddie figure with ball-jointed wings. For a $60 pledge, you can take home your own Little Maddie.

Sabertron: Foam Swords with Electronic Scoring

Foam sword fights are great fun, and these swords take those play duels a step further with their built-in scoring system. Each time a player is hit on the body, they lose health—and whoever runs out of health first loses. For $99, backers can get a pair of dueling sabers.

Codemancer: A Fantasy Game that Teaches the Magic of Code


In the world of Codemancer, magic works the same way that programming works in our world. When Aurora goes on a quest to rescue her father, she—and the player—must learn to code her way past sorcerers and their minions. For a $20 pledge, backers can get the completed game for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android.

Strong Female Protagonist: Book One


We're big fans of Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag's webcomic Strong Female Protagonist and its exploration of what it means to be a superhero. Superpowered Alison Green used to be a costumed hero, but she has hung up her mask and cape and is now trying to figure out what it means to be a good person in a world where people have remarkable abilities. For a $10 pledge, backers can grab a PDF of the first volume. For a $22 pledge, they can get the paperback book as well as a PDF.

Oh Joy, Sex Toy, The Book


Erika Moen's Oh Joy, Sex Toy (NSFW) was one of our best new webcomics of 2013; it's a fun, inclusive, and sex-positive exploration of all the devices that can help get us off—with diversions into sexual health, pornography, and other sex-related topics. For a $10 pledge, you can experience all the sexy fun in a PDF. For a $35 pledge, you can get the first Oh Joy, Sex Toy book in print.



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