Crowdfund comics about Brookyln-dwelling gods and African folktales

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There are a ton of wonderful comics projects looking for crowdfunding at the moment, across a range of styles and genres. There's an anthology of African folktales, a comic book game of telephone, an urban fantasy about a man trying to pay off his karmic debt, and a post-apocalyptic tale about a scavenger and a mysterious fog.

Top image from Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell.

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition


Sorcery 101 creator Kel McDonald gathered a crew of fabulous cartoonists for her first Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales anthology, and now she is doing it again with a collection of African Folktales adapted as comics. The new anthology includes works by Faith Erin Hicks, Mary Cagle, Becky Dreistadt, and more. Backers will receive a PDF for the book for a $5 pledge and a hard copy for a $20 pledge.

Broken Telephone (The Whole Story 2014)

Ryan Estrada is another artist who happens to be a pro at gathering talented cartoonists for larger projects. Broken Telephone collects 18 stories by 18 artists but with a twist:

You can read any book you want whenever you want, but if you read them in order, something amazing happens. Each character is the hero of their story, and the villain of someone else's. They never meet, and everyone does what they think is right, but together they do a whole lot of wrong.


This is a pay-what-you-want campaign, so you can pledge as little as $1 for a digital Broken Telephone subscription, but there are additional rewards at higher pledge levels.

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell: The Book


Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan's Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell is one of my personal favorite webcomics, set in a mystical Brooklyn where hipsters rub elbows with gods and karma is a very real concern. The titular Darwin is carrying around an apparently insurmountable karmic debt after an accident, and tries to navigate his life while rebalancing his karma. The story wrapped earlier this year, and now the creators are coming out with a print volume. You can nab a PDF for a $10 pledge, or the print volume and a PDF for a $30 pledge.

Derelict Book 1 - Deluge


Ben Fleuter's Derelict is another particularly great webcomic, following scavenger Dang Thu Mai through a post-apocalyptic world populated by monsters, rival scavengers, and a fearsome miasma. Fleuter is offering a PDF copy of the first volume for a $10 pledge and the print and PDF versions for a $30 pledge.

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You also have about 13 more days to give money to Jason Youngbluth's Weapon Brown kickstarter. It's a post-apocalyptic world of comic strip characters starring Charlie Brown as badass cyborg fighting a cabal of villains that include Dilbert's boss, Mary Worth and The Wizard of Id.