Also looking for a crowdfunding boost this week: an anthology about ladies and their comics, a claymation exploitation feature, an intriguing short film set in the future, and an open-world simulator that lets you pretend to be a bear.

Eidolon / a short film & Wilderness / an album

Joey Ciccoline directed and co-wrote the wonderfully creepy short film 88:88, and now he's back with a new project, Eidolon. The short film centers on a young man in a mysterious future metropolis who is trying to save his dying sister before time runs out. While his last short was made on a shoestring, Ciccoline needs a bit more of a budget for Eidolon to bring his futuristic city to life.


For a $15 pledge, he's offering backers a stream of the film. For a $25 pledge, he's offering a digital download of the film as well as Wilderness, an album by Makeup and Vanity Set that shares the same concept.

Dirty Diamonds #5: COMICS


Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comics anthology series, and their upcoming installment is about comics themselves—great experiences, terrible ones, and tales of how these cartoonists fell in love with comics in the first place. Thirty-two different artists contribute more than 100 pages of comics about comics. For a $5 pledge, the team is offering backers a PDF of the volume; for a $20 pledge, they're offering a physical copy of the book.

Spook Train 3D


Lee Hardcastle is responsible for some truly bizarre acts of claymation: Claycat's The Raid and The ABCs of Death short T is for Toilet among them. Spook Train promises to be a feature-length claymation exploitation flick—in 3D. For a £12 pledge, Hardcastle is offering backers a digital download of the finished film.

Faire Play: Barbie-Compatible 3D Printed Medieval Armor


For those who prefer their dolls to be more knight than princess (or knight and princess), Jim Rodda is designing 3D-printed battle armor that is compatible with Barbie dolls. Starting at $5, he's offering backers the digital files to print their own suit of armor; an already printed outfit will set you back quite a bit more.

#9 Teen by Robin Snyder and STEVE Ditko


This is a bit of a mysterious Kickstarter campaign. It's a 32-page comic by Steve Ditko, and it appears to feature the Madman. That's it—no video and no description. Ditko fans can grab their copy for a $10 pledge.

Bear Simulator


The pitch pretty much says it all: "It's like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear." Intrigued? This game will give you a first-ursine perspective as you amble about your character's forest home, eating fish and plants. Just remember that "I was hibernating" isn't a legitimate excuse for dodging work the next day. The folks at Farjay Studios are offering the simulator for a $15 pledge.