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Have a few bucks to spare on someone else's project? Maybe you'd like to help get a short film about teenagers who download into physical bodies off the ground. Perhaps you're more interested in food and a cookbook designed to enhance your gaming experiences. Maybe you'd rather help fund the print volume of a long-running webcomic set in feudal Japan. Or you could use those funds to bring to life a new John K cartoon and get some cool gifts in the process.

HAPPY DOWNLOADDAY a short sci-fi film: HAPPY DOWNLOADDAY comes with an intriguing premise: In a resources-strapped future, children are no longer born. Instead, they're raised as computer programs and downloaded into a human body on their 18th birthdays. But what happens when one teenager wants to stay in virtual space? For a $15 pledge, you'll receive a digital download of the film. [via Three if by Space]


Publish the +5 Food Of Eating cookbook: Looking for some tasty and creative goodies to serve at your next gaming session? Tiffany Simmons is collecting recipes that are not only healthy and good for feeding a crowd, but also enhance the gaming experience. She's looking to create in-character feasts, gamer birthday treats, and more. She's reached her initial goal, but is looking to raise a bit more money to print color art and photographs. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a PDF of the cookbook; for a $15 pledge, you'll also receive a hard copy. [via Geekosystem]

No Need for Bushido Goes Pro with Volumes 1-3: Webcomic No Need for Bushido has been online for 10 years, amassing an impressive archive of anime and manga-inspired comics set in feudal Japan. Now, creators Alex Kolesar and Joseph Kovell want to print their webcomic in three color volumes with remastered art. For a $20 pledge, you'll receive digital copies of all three books. For $50, you'll receive them in print.


John K's "Cans Without Labels": It's not really on-genre, but I'd like to point out that animator John Kricfalusi is running a Kickstarter to fund his short film "Cans Without Labels," starring Ren and Stimpy's owner, George Liquor. The story is based on John K's own childhood with a father who didn't believe in brand names and whose favorite thing to buy from the supermarket were cans no labels at all. For a mere $1 pledge, you'll receive a digital copy of "Cans Without Labels," and John K has a host of digital and physical goodies at the higher pledge levels.

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