Crowdfund an illustrated fantasy novel by Bill Willingham & Frank Cho

Fables creator Bill Willingham and Liberty Meadows creator and Marvel artist Frank Cho are teaming up to create an illustrated urban fantasy novel with a Norse mythology twist. Also looking for some crowdfunding help: a toddler survival horror game and a poster series about superhero origins.

Bifrost by Bill Willingham, illustrated by Frank Cho


Bill Willingham has always wanted to work with Frank Cho, but they've always worked at different publishing companies. So they've decided to team up for an illustrated novel. Here's how Willingham describes the story's main characters:

This is a story about Mary Fimbul, illegitimate daughter of a Valkyrie and a certain hammer-wielding god of the north. Mary’s tough and strong, can see ghosts, and also happens to be the only survivor of Ragnarok, the final battle that ended the gods and their rule over mankind. As the sole surviving descendant of the royal line, Mary now controls Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, which still connects our world to Asgard and the other nine worlds, even though they’ve been unlivable wastelands for untold millennia.

Today Mary is a licensed private hero (still serving out her one-year probationary status), working out of Spokane, Washington.

Mary’s partner in the hero trade is Mr. Finn (short for Infinity Chimp), an immortal talking chimpanzee. He’s an amateur gourmet cook, a recovering biblioklept, and such a savant at pattern-recognition so as to make him quite possibly the greatest nonhuman detective who ever lived.

This is a bizarrely structured campaign as it doesn't offer copies of the book at lower levels (I'm not sure why), but for a $10 pledge, you will be emailed updated from Bill's Writing Journal, which will cover the process of writing the novel from beginning to end. I'm hoping someone will talk them into adding books and ebooks as the campaign continues. [via Super Punch]

Among the Sleep

Here's a survival horror game with a pretty freaky concept. In Among the Sleep, you play a toddler moving through a nightmare environment filled with monsters. You don't have any combat abilities; in fact, you don't have any abilities to manipulate your environment beyond what an ordinary two-year-old can do. You need to solve puzzles and avoid the monsters in order to survive the night.


For a $15 pledge, you'll receive a copy of the game. [via Gamma Squad]

O R I G I N Series - Art Prints by NinjaBot

Print shop NinjaBot is working on a new series of superhero themed posters specifically focused on the origins of DC and Marvel heroes. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive either all six of these designs as small posters or one of the designs as a large poster. [via Xombie DIRGE]


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