Crowdfund an effort to rescue out-of-print adventure books

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One publisher is trying to save forgotten adventure books by releasing them as ebooks, and you can help! Also, check out crowdfunding campaigns for an open source robotic hand, a $100 3D printer, and more.

Top image from Le Gouffre.

Singularity&Co - Save the Adventure!

Last year, Singularity & Co. successfully ran their Save the SciFi campaign to bring forgotten works of science fiction stories back into print. Now they're looking to do the same thing with adventure stories. Each month, they'll choose an adventure book that is no longer in print or available online, and publish the title as an ebook. They are currently raising funds to acquire pooks, track down the rights holders, cover costs associated with the legal work, and more. For a $25 pledge, they're promising backers early downloads of the first 12 adventure ebooks from the project.


The Open Hand Project: A Low Cost Robotic Hand

The Dextrus Open Hand Project is looking to create 3D-printed, open-source, prosthetic hands for less than $1000. They are raising funds to continue their research and create more prototypes of the Dextrus. There are various smaller rewards at lower levels (such as iPhone covers, touchscreen gloves, and t-shirts), but potential backers who are feeling spendy can shoot for the standard model Dextrus at the £460 level. [via Boing Boing]

Le Gouffre - Animated Short Film


Here is a rather lovely looking short film currently being made by three French Canadian animators. Le Gouffre follows two adventurers as they attempt to build a bridge across an impossibly wide chasm. Check out the video to see just how gorgeous those backgrounds are.

For a $10 pledge, they are offering backers an HD download of the finished film. [via Cartoon Brew]


The Peachy Printer - The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner!


Here's another low-cost technology project that looks extremely promising. The Peachy Printer is a Photolithographic printer that works with Blender to print 3D resin objects. You can call dibs on a Peach Printer kit to assemble your own for a $100 CAD pledge. [via Boing Boing]

The F1rst Hero

Anthony Ruttgaizer and Phillip Sevy's comic book series has a great pitch: It's set in a world where anyone who manifests superpowers goes insane as a byproduct of those powers. As a result, the government has created a Superhuman Task Force to deal with the superhuman threat. But when Jacob Roth develops superpowers but retains his sanity, he has an opportunity to become the first superhero in a world packed with supervillains. For a $5 pledge, the creators are offering a four-issue digital subscription.


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