Crowdfund Baby Cthulhu sculptures and a videogame that teaches Japanese

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Do you find the idea of learning Japanese intimidating? A videogame is looking to make the language fun and easy—and it needs a little crowdfunding help. You can also put your dollars behind cute Cthulhu sculptures, palm-sized personal museums, a new addition to a famous fan film, and a tale of teddy bear pirates.


Koe (声) - A JRPG with Japanese at the core of gameplay


Want to learn Japanese but aren't sure where to start? The folks behind the JRPG Koe want to help players learn basic Japanese through their video game. Your character starts their visit to Japan in an airport, but it soon becomes clear that you've entered a strange land filled with castles and dragons. You'll need to be able to recognize Japanese words to use items and defeat your foes. For a £10 pledge, backers can receive a copy of the completed game.

Raiders Guys and the Lost Airplane Scene

Over the course of seven years in the 1980s, Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala created a shot-for-shot amateur remake of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark—well, almost short-for-shot. They never filmed the sequence where Indy faces off against a Nazi under a moving airplane. Now they want to complete their film by shooting that sequence. For a $25 pledge, they are offering backers a digital download of their remake film along with a digital scrapbook that looks behind the scenes of their project.

Mini Museum


It would be wonderful to spend every day at a natural history museum, and these Mini Museums let you display your very own selection of rare specimens on your desk. Hans Fex has collected pieces of lunar rock, dinosaur egg, soil from the grave of Vlad the Impaler, and other items of historical and geological significance and assembled them into these clear resin displays. Fex is offering his smallest Mini Museums for a $99 pledge.

Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone


We're huge fans of Travis Hanson's webcomic The Bean and his whimsical illustrations, so we're excited to see that he's coming out with a full-color illustrated book. In Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone, a boy and his crew of teddy bear pirates set off in search of treasure. Hanson is offering a PDF copy of the book at the $15 pledge level and a print copy of the book with a bookmark at the $25 level.

Monster Mind Sculpts: Baby Cthulhu Resin Figure


When we posted photos of Cassia Harries' Baby Cthulhu sculpture a while back, many of you wanted an adorable cosmic entity of your very own. Now is your chance: Harries is offering unpainted Baby Cthulhu sculptures for a $35 pledge.

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