Crowdfund a USB device that charges electronics with fire

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Want to launch a functional satellite into space for a mere $20,000? One Kickstarter campaign promises to build the satellites to do it. There's also an off-grid electronics charger, a fantasy trilogy by Harry Connolly, and a new anthology of horror comics all looking for crowdfunding.

Top image: the FlameStower.

Also, don't forget about the campaign for the Middleman comic book, which is currently running on IndieGoGo.


Want to build a satellite but dont have a NASA sized budget?

PocketQubes are tiny satellites that are designed to be the cheapest fully functional class of satellite you can launch, making homebrewed satellites more accessible to the public. For example, the smallest PocketQube can be launched into orbit for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000. That small model is on offer to early-early backers for £349 and to early backers for £399.

The Great Way, an epic fantasy trilogy by Harry Connolly


We're great fans of Harry Connolly, whose The Twenty Palaces made our list of great book series to replace your favorite cancelled TV shows (in this case, to salve the wounds left by the end of Angel). Now he's working on The Great Way, "an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire." You can read the first chapter over on his blog. He's offering ebooks of the entire series for backers at the $25 level.


FlameStower: Charge Your Gear With Fire!


If you find yourself in some post-cataclysmic future in which the electrical grid goes down, this device could come in handy. The FlameStower is an off-grid portable charging device that harnesses energy from fire and converts it to electricity. Not guaranteed to work against Revolution-style madness. The makers are offering the charger to backers for $80. [via Laughing Squid]

IN THE DARK - A Horror Anthology


Rachel Deering edits this anthology of brand-new horror comics, featuring writers Justin Jordan, Cullen Bunn, Paul Tobin, Duane Swierczynski, Tom Taylor, F. Paul Wilson, and artists Tradd Moore, Dalibor Talajic, Andy Belanger, Patric Reynolds, Matthew Dow Smith, and many, many more. She's offering a PDF copy of the book to backers for $10 and an oversized hardcover copy for $50. [via Bleeding Cool]

The War, a Fantasy Mockumentary: Episode 2


One day, John Wick found himself asking, "What if Ken Burns did a documentary on the war in The Lord of the Rings?" So he created The War, a fantasy story told as a documentary. He's currently working on the second episode, and you can watch the first one here:

For $15, he's offering backers a "Season Pass," with digital downloads of every episode funded by this particular campaign as well as a digital download of the soundtrack.


Nix Color Sensor


You know that handy eyedropper tool in your image editing software? The Nix Color Sensor works like that, except for objects in real life. This smartphone accessory scans colors and will ultimately let you view them in RGB, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK. The Color Sensor is on offer for a $99 pledge. [via Geekologie]

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That satellite thing has promise, but many things could go wrong with it. But don't buy that charger, this thing already does it much better than that can.