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Itching to hop in your virtual dogfighter and defend the Earth? You can crowdfund Strike Suit Zero a frantically paced PC space combat game. If you're in training for the day when you'll need to attack enemies with your mind, you might prefer the new brainwave-reading headband. And if you just want to add a touch of Star Wars or Blade Runner to your home, one company wants to make tiles inspired by the movies.

Strike Suit Zero by Born Ready Games: You'll play a spacefaring dogfighter in the fast-paced space combat PC game Strike Suit Zero. This game combines elements of 1990s space combat games with modern mechanics in a mecha-filled battle for Earth. Here's the synopsis:

In the year 2299, an interstellar war rages. Earth's dwindling forces - the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E) - repel a fearless enemy, fighting to protect a planet on the brink of destruction. You begin the game behind the front lines on a low-priority post defending a station near Earth. After repelling an attack, word comes through from Earth's command that the enemy are intending to end the war with one decisive strike.

They've amassed a colossal fleet, and are bringing it to Earth.

You're sent into deep space to join Earth's forces as they attempt to intercept the fleet....


The game includes strong mechanical designs from Junji Okubo and multiple endings based on your actions and decisions. For a $20 pledge, you'll receive a digital copy of the game on release day.

Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband: We've seen more and more brainwave-sensing products on the market, like the wagging ears and tails that respond to their wearers' moods. The Muse headband by InteraXon functions much like athletic fitness censors, but instead of reading your heart rate or blood pressure, it reads your brain activity. By viewing the output of your brain, you can develop the tools to train your brain and, InteraXon hopes, develop better mental practices. For a $135 pledge, you'll receive a Muse headband of your own in either black or white.


Sci-Fi Tiles: Blade Runner & Star Wars plastic decor tiles: If you've been looking to add a little sci-fi to your home decor, consider these plastic tiles by Works, Ltd. Right now, the tiles have been prototyped in two styles: one based on the Ennis House in Blade Runner and the other based on the exterior of the Death Star. Even if you don't want to install them on your walls, the makers notes that you can always use them as molds to cast your own concrete tiles—or Death Star chocolates. For a $22 pledge, you receive just one tile, but for an $88 pledge, you'll receive 12.

Top photo from InteraXon.

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