Want to take a scifi roadtrip across the continental United States? You may want to consult the screenprinted poster currently up for crowdfunding. You can also back a prime number generating sculpture or a comic book by the writer of Gotham by Gaslight.

Primer: A Kinetic Sculpture That Generates Prime Numbers


Need a prime number? Artist Karl Lautman created Primer, a sculpture that counts up prime numbers. Each time you push Primer's big red button, it will display the next prime number. For a $120 pledge, you can nab a Primer of your own. There are only a handful left, so act fast.

The Altered States of America – Silkscreen Print Project


The Chopping Block, the Brooklyn-based design company that came to fame for their 51-robot t-shirt, is developing a map of America that maps the locations of famous events in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The final product will be a 36"x24" 5-color screenprinted poster. For a $70 pledge, backers will receive the full map.

Dead Ringer - a hard-boiled mystery/ghost story by Brian Augustyn


Former DC editor and Gotham by Gaslight writer Brian Augustyn is working on a crime and ghost story set during the worst snowstorm in Chicago history. One night, army veteran and former JAG investigator Kate Bailey dreams of her own murder at the hands of a monstrous psychopath. When she wakes the next morning, she discovers that a woman was killed in the exact same manner as in her dream—a woman who looks exactly like Kate. Now she has a mystery on her hands, one that will lead her to a supernatural menace.

For a $20 pledge, backers receive a print or digital copy of the book.



Writer Adam McGovern, artist/creator Paolo Leandri, and colorist Dom Regan bring us this four-issue comic miniseries about supernatural redemption:

Reluctant hellspawn Plenilunio leads a cast of lovelorn lost souls all competing for mystic artifacts they believe can lift their curse. Plenilunio, teen-from-hades Hotspot and the haughty warrior-queen Hellena all struck bargains with the roguish agents of the Empyre that granted all wishes and then took away all hope. Now their agendas collide and strange alliances may emerge as they race to outsmart the evil, irresistible Underboss or outfight his monster minions! Meanwhile Plenilunio’s mortal allies, the saintly Ludmilla and her peril-prone Grandpa Lowe, are caught in the crossfire while Plenilunio’s spellbound lover Lidia sleepwalks his castle and haunts his heart. A modern-day redemption-thriller not about mad egos who gamble for power and fame, but unwise dreamers who find themselves fighting for the peace and happiness they already had. And often fighting big, scary monsters. We did mention the big scary monsters?


For a $25 pledge, backers receive PDFs of all four issues of the miniseries, plus a PDF of McGovern and Leandri's out-of-print comic Dr. Id, Psychologist of the Supernatural.