Crowdfund a Homestuck video game, gruesome dog costumes, and Golden Age baked goods

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Kickstarter has been on fire this week thanks to a single word: Homestuck. The uber-popular webcomic has a video game in the works, and you can help get it off the ground. Or you might be interested in backing another storytelling experiment: serialized publishing for digital readers — and you can help choose the stories. We've also got a pair of special effects artists looking to turn the world's dogs into zombies, robots, and evil bugs, if only on Halloween. And there's a lady baking up comic-covered sweets who's willing to trade cookies for a few pledge dollars.


Homestuck Adventure Game: Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures was originally conceived as an interactive forum game, and its later story arcs, Problem Sleuth and the immensely popular Homestuck parody point-and-click and text-base video games. So it's fitting that Hussie would turn Homestuck, the tale of four teenagers and their reality-warping video game, into a game itself. Thanks to the series' passionate fandom, the game has not only reached its initial $700,000 goal, but has also reached its stretch goals for Mac and Linux support, and is on track to be one of the most — if not the absolute most — funded comics-inspired project on Kickstarter. For a $15 pledge, you'll receive a digital download of the game when it's complete, sometime in 2014.

ZOMBIE PAWS: The Creepiest Puppy Costumes Ever: For those who prefer dressing up their dog for Halloween to dressing up themselves (or anyone who likes to bring the pooch in on a themed costume), two special effects artists are bringing their creepiest dog costumes to life. Your dog can hit up houses for treats dressed as a zombie (with exposed rib cage and brains), killer robot, or crawling insect. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive the head piece for a costume of your choice (dog brains for all!), and at the higher reward tiers, you can select a costume in your dog's size, which should be delivered by Halloween. [via Neatorama]

PLYMPTON: Serialized Fiction for Digital Readers: With more and more people reading books on digital devices, it's high time we saw a return to serialized fiction. Plympton, a fledgling literary studio founded by author Jennifer 8. Lee, novelist and editor Yael Goldstein Love, and former Harvard Book Review managing editor Justin Keenan, aims to digitally publish new serialized fiction. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive the studio's first three serials. For a $25 pledge, you can join the advisory committee, which discusses and votes on which works to commission. [via Boing Boing]

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Golden Age Bakery: Rather than putting photos or erotic sentiments on her baked goods, Sylvia Toth prints out panels from Golden Age comics in delicious icing. Ultimately, she'd like to open up a location in Chapel Hill, NC, but for the time being, she'd like a little help upgrading her home kitchen so she can keep pumping out the sequential cooks and start working with chocolate. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive a behind-the-scenes video (including blooper real), a print, logo sticker, and four chocolate comic book panel cookies. [via ComicsAlliance]



It amazes me that people can throw this much money towards stupid web comic projects, yet it never occurs to them that they could do the same towards cancer research or something more important.