Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an intern on the moon, and a post-apocalyptic TV series

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This week's round of crowdfundable projects takes us to the tiny fictional state of Unterzoegersdorf, where a feature film would rope UN peacekeepers into a world of political intrigue. Or you might rather travel to the moon, where a sidescrolling video game has you battling monsters and solving puzzles. Alternatively, you can stay right here on Earth, where five black men might be the sole survivors of an alien apocalypse.


Top image from Moon Intern.

Sierra Zulu, a dark political sci-fi action comedy film: The Soviet Union isn't quite gone forever in this feature film project. Here's the pitch:

A ragtag UN peacekeeping force operates a small camp guarding the no-man's-land between Austria and the tiny agrarian microstate Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, the last existing bastion of the defunct Soviet Union. When an explosion occurs deep inside Soviet territory, the team is dragged into a bizarre conspiracy of industrial espionage, media madness and political intrigue. The knowledge economy? It's about to get blown sky high...

They have a promising cast lined up, including Robert Picardo, Amber Benson, and the Yes Men. Rewards for this one are largely non-tangible. For $23, you can "adopt a frame" of the film (plus your name will appear in the credits). For a $39, you'll receive gravel purported to be from Unterzoegersdorf, along with a certificate of "authenticity" from the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Academy of Earth Handling.

The Abandon - A Sci-Fi TV Series: After a possible alien invasion, five black men quickly discover they may be the last humans left on Earth. Keith Josef Adkins is looking to put black men at the forefront of a science fiction series. To that end, he plans to shoot a pilot of The Abandon, his own post-apocalyptic television series. For a $25 pledge, your name will appear in the pilot credits. For a $50 pledge, you'll see your name in the credits and receive a copy of the pilot.

Moon Intern, a video game project: Moon Intern doesn't just have a fantastic name, it also sounds like there's some intriguing gameplay at work. You play (as you'd expect) an intern on the moon, and you do various jobs around your moon colony. What's particularly interesting is that the jobs are gradually geared toward your play preferences. If you prefer action play, your jobs skew toward action, but if you prefer puzzle play then you accomplish tasks via puzzles. The game also gives you a soul mate, meaning there's a relationship-based component to play, and you help account for the happiness ratings of the colony's districts. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a full copy of the game. For a $40 pledge, you get the game, become a tester, and your personality and likeness will be used for one of the games characters.


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