Crowdfund a feature-length adaptation of Harry Harrison's Bill, the Galactic Hero

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Before his death in 2012, science fiction author Harry Harrison granted Repo Man and Sid and Nancy director Alex Cox permission to adapt his satirical novel Bill, the Galactic Hero as a student-made film. Now Cox has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him, his colleagues, and his students at the University of Colorado at Boulder bring the anti-war tale to the big screen.

Although Cox is billed as the director on this project, he says that the film will be made primarily by his students, with supervision from industry professionals. Those who felt their eyes might bleed from all the green screen in Cox's Repo Chick will be glad to hear that Cox plans to use more traditional filmmaking and effects for Bill. In fact, the movie will be shot in black and white on 35mm film. The CU team will build models in-house, although there will be a few CG effects added in post-production. Cox believes the more traditional approach is the best way to tell Harrison's story of the dispensable grunt troopers in the war against the Chingers.


Although, as Cox notes, "The danger of making a bad film is always there," this sounds like a pretty interesting project, both because of Harrison's original material and because the students involved will hopefully gain some valuable experience through the making of the film. If you'd like to kick in a few dollars for the project, Cox is offering a PDF of the script and a download of the finished film for a $25 pledge.

Alex Cox directs BILL THE GALACTIC HERO [Kickstarter]

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Ron Miller

One of my favorite SF novels ever..and one of the best satires ever written in any genre. I've been hoping for a film of this for years.