Crowdfund a fantasy book written by a 4-year-old and drawn by her dad

Four-year-old Regina loves to spin stories about dinosaurs, pirates, and dragons, and her father decided to illustrate the stories. You can help them print their book, fund an Emily the Strange music video, pre-order a neat hydroponic planter, or lend a hand to musicians Anamanaguchi and their video game-inspired music.


The Dragon Book and Other Stories


This sounds like a sweet father-daughter project. The Dragon Book is a book of stories written by 4-year-old Regina, and drawn by her dad, 30-year-old Michael. They're hoping not only to print the book, but also to donate copies to libraries and hospitals. For a mere $1 pledge, you'll receive a PDF of the book. For a $15 pledge, you'll also receive a signed physical copy as well as a PDF of all the line art for your coloring enjoyment. You can check out one of the stories in the video embedded up top. [via Axe Cop]

The First Ever Emily the Strange Animated Rock-N-Roll Single

I'll admit that I have mixed feelings about Emily the Strange (in large part because of the similarity between Emily and Rosamond from the book Nate the Great and the Lost List, although the creators have resolved their legal dispute), but she has developed into her own character not just through retail items, but also books and comics. In Dark Horse's newest Emily the Strange comic, Emily starts a band, Emily and the Strangers, and creator Robert Reger wants to bring that band to animated life. For a $1 pledge, backers receive an advanced animation screening pass, plus a download of the single. For a $5 pledge, they also receive a download of the animation.

Attractive Hydroponic Planter for Herbs, Produce & Flowers


If you have a black thumb like I do, Modern Sprout's hydroponic planter sounds promising. What looks like an ordinary planter hides a top-feed hydroponics system, ensuring that your plants get the proper nutrients with minimal effort. Planter boxes are available from $75, with solar powered options starting at $125.

Anamanaguchi - make ENDLESS FANTASY more than an album!


16-bit musicians Anamanaguchi have just finished their latest album, Endless Fantasy, and they're looking for a little help on everything that comes after making the album: PR, distribution, plus fun things like more music videos, lighting for their tours, and collaborations with other artists. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a digital download of Endless Fantasy, and for $15, you'll receive the CD, plus a digital download of Endless Fantasy and future collaborations.

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