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Crowdfund a children's time travel novella, student projects launched into space, and more

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We're dreaming of the time-traveling, space-faring future with this week's crowdfundable projects. We have a novel about a young girl who wants to invent time travel, as well as a quest to send 1000 ping pong ball-sized projects into space. On top of that, there's a brand new comic book store seeking funding, as well as a fantasy web series packed with sword-wielding women.


Kathryn the Crononaut, a children's time travel novel: Jason Horn is the creator of the comedy-action webcomic Ninjasaur, but with Kathryn the Crononaut, he turns to more serious science. Kathryn is a sixth grader who wants to invent time travel, but the adults around her constantly tell her it's impossible. What's especially exciting bout this novella is that Horn breaks down real time travel-related science in a way that kids understand while encouraging children to dream big and try to change the world. For a mere $6 pledge, you'll receive an ebook edition of Kathryn the Crononaut, For $15, you'll receive the ebook, paperbook volume, and a signed postcard print of the cover. [via Boing Boing]

Escape Pod Comics, an independent comic book store: This one might be a bit pie-in-the-sky from a fundraising perspective (they're looking to raise at total of $180,000 within the next 20 days), but it's an interesting project nonetheless. Escape Pod Comics wants to be a community-focused comic book shop located in New York City, with regular classes on life drawing, comic making, and comics history, plus plenty of new, used, and digital comics and comic art for sale. There are tons of comics and art-based rewards at various levels, but for an $8 pledge, you can become a member of Escape Pod Comics, which gives you discounts on pre-ordered books, advance notice on events and classes, and access to their live and archived streaming classes. [via Bleeding Cool]


1000 Student Projects to the Edge of Space: We're suckers for anyone sending objects into space, and JP Aerospace wants to send 1000 objects into space. One thousand experiments and projects made by kindergarteners, university professors, high school science classes, and home school kids, will be sent to the edge of space in four suborbital balloons. The catch? Each project has to fit inside a ping pong ball, dubbed a PongSat. If you want to help kids and adults send seeds, marshmallows, and more into space, send them your pledges. For a $10 pledge, you can have a business card-sized message sent into space with the mission. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive a 20-minute documentary about the mission, including the flight, on DVD.

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The Broken Continent, a Fantasy Webseries Pilot: It's tough to kickstart a new webseries without an existing fan base, but the experienced filmmakers behind The Broken Continent have a clear story and strong production values on their side. Here's the pitch:

Eadwyn Redway, king of the Heart and the Blade, seeks to re-unify the Five Shards under his rule. However, not all of his subjects share his ambition and rise up to oppose him. Before Eadwyn can conquer the remaining three Shards, he must first extinguish the uprising in his own land. A bloody war ensues, wreaking havoc throughout the Heart.

Refugees head to the Ironleaf Forest, where legend holds that the Daughters of Tairol will offer protection to the widows and orphans of war. As Eadwyn's war presses on, the Daughters soon realize that they will be overrun by runaways. They must take action to stop Eadwyn.

The Daughters kidnap Queen Malkyn and Prince Boric, in hopes that it will halt Eadwyn's march. The plan succeeds. But Eadwyn's hawkish advisers convince him to dispatch a ruthless order of assassins, the Ebon Spider, to infiltrate Ironleaf Forest and retrieve the queen and prince.


It's also worth checking out their Princess Bride parodying Kickstarter video. For a $35 pledge, you'll receive a trove of digital goodies, including a character poster, map, series wallpapers, pilot script, theme song, and access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

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