Crowdfund a Calvin & Hobbes documentary, choosable path gamebooks, and more

Nostalgia is on the menu for this week's crowdfunding projects, with a documentary about the influence of Calvin & Hobbes, and not one but two reading games inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books. There's also a video game packed with retro scifi pulp and a psychedelic daredevil comic.


Dear Mr. Watterson - A Calvin & Hobbes Documentary: Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes inflamed hearts and minds with its look at an imaginative troublemaker and his stuffed tiger. This documentary is meant as a love letter to the comic strip, exploring the impact it left on its readers. For a $35 pledge, you'll receive a DVD of the finished film.

Trial of the Clone: A Choosable Path Gamebook by Zach Weiner: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal creator Zach Weiner has created a game book in the style of these gamebooks set in the future. It's bound to be funny and a little mean, and Weiner promises it will have great re-read and re-play value. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a digital copy of the book. For a $20 pledge, you receive a digital copy and a signed paperback copy.

Defender of the Realm, a choosable game: Another reading-based choosable path adventure is Defender of the Realm, Mark Grochowski and Darci Manley's tablet-based adventure game. What's especially neat about Defender of the Realm is that the reader/player gets to select the gender of the character (undecided is a choice), the gender of their romantic interests (again, undecided is a choice), and other aspects of their character. For a $10 pledge, backers will receive an advanced download of the application.

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Jack Houston and the Necronauts: Indie video game developer Warbird Games is working on Jack Houston and the Necronauts, a scifi pulp adventure game set on Venus. In the tradition of stories like John Carter of Mars, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers, the Venus of Jack Houston is covered in jungle and populated by vicious alien beasts. The team has posted some gorgeous concept art that hearkens back to its influences. For a $15 pledge, you'll receive a DRM-free download of the game, the designer commentary audio track, HD wallpapers, and access to beta testing.

Trip Fantastic, a comic by Derek Charm: Derek Charm's webcomic Trip Fantastic cites the 1960s Batman TV show, The Venture Bros., and Baywatch Nights as its influences, and the result is a trippy tale of the world's greatest stuntman. Now the team is looking to print full-color editions of the comics. For a $20 pledge, you'll receive both print issues, plus the "Jet Pack Death Duel" mini comic.




I got all excited about the Calvin and Hobbes documentary and then I saw that I couldn't see the film for less than $35. Pass. Look. I understand that some people want to just help people do things, and that is nice, and they should be able to do that. For the rest of us, however, we simply want to get the product, and are willing to use Kickstarter as an expression of faith that you will be able to produce that product. Letting people have a digital only copy for $10-15 is reasonable, costs you nothing to produce (well, okay, it costs bandwidth, with is a small fraction of that incentive) and invites people to support. I'm guessing that's why they are 2/3 of the way through their campaign and only halfway to their goal.

I guess I'll check it out in a year or so when it hits the internet.