Crowdfund a Batman documentary, 3D printing pens, and a WWII setting for Lovecraftian RPGs

If you've always wished you could draw objects in 3D, there's a pen that uses basic 3D-printing technology to let you draw wire art-style objects, and it's looking for a little crowdfunding. So is a documentary on the power of the Batman story, an RPG setting that places cosmic horrors in WWII, the print volume of one of the Internet's most ludicrous webcomics, and a Creative Commons concept art book that lets you collaborate on the story.


Legends of the Knight: Filmmaker Brett Culp is turning his camera lens toward the modern phenomenon that is Batman, with a feature-length, not-for-profit documentary. Culp is interviewing movie producers, writers, journalists, psychologists, spiritual advisors, and fans about why the Batman myth has proven so powerful and why so many people connect to it. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a digital download of the film, and for a $25 pledge, you'll receive a DVD. [via The Mary Sue]

3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen: This campaign has been burning up Kickstarter, and in fact, the lower level rewards are completely sold out. Much like a simple 3D printer, the 3Doodler pen heats up plastic so you can draw three-dimensional objects. The lowest level award available at the moment is for a $75 pledge, which gets you a 3Doodler pen and two bags of the plastic in a variety of colors. For a $99 pledge, you get the pen and ten bags of plastic. [via Geekosystem]

Achtung! Cthulhu - The WW2 Keeper's & Investigator's Guides: If you've been looking to add Nazis to your Lovecraftian RPG, take a gander at Achtung! Cthulhu. The World War II setting is designed to be compatible with the Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds RPGs, adding the battle between Axis and Allied forces to the normal nefarious evils. You can receive PDF and printed versions of various planned supplements at various levels, grabbing PDFs of the Keeper's Guide and Investigator's Guide at the $20 level.


God Hates Astronauts: The Completely Complete Edition: Ryan Browne's God Hates Astronauts is a wacky and unpredictable webcomic in which superheroes exist but are complete assholes. It's filled with bear armies, an evil pugilist who won't stay dead, feline lawyers, rhino doctors, and a superhero whose immortality tends to work against him. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a digital edition of the complete book, plus an MP3 of the theme song. [via ComicsAlliance]

SYMBIOSIS: A Creative Commons art book by Steven Sanders: We're big believers in the power of artwork to inspire great writing, and Steven Sanders' art book Symbiosis looks like a great place for writers—especially those interested in copyleft collaboration—to find inspiration. Symbiosis is filled with designs and visuals for a 1940s-esque world in which biotechnology and mechanical technology are inextricably linked. The book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, meaning that you can create and publish your own stories incorporating Sanders' artwork. For a $10 pledge, you'll receive a PDF of the book.


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