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Critical thinking explained in six kid-friendly animations

If you've been looking for a crash course in basic logic — or just want to explain to a friend exactly what a logical fallacy is — turn your attention to these simple, easy-to-understand videos, which lay out the basics of critical thinking.


Creative solutions agency Bridge 8 created these animations to offer a basic overview of critical thinking. The videos were designed for an audience of kids (Edit: Australian grades, not ages) 8-10, but they're handy for anyone who wants to brush up on their logic.

The first video (up top), provides an introduction to critical thinking and how we form judgments and opinions.

The second video introduces formal logic and explains logical fallacies.

The third video explains straw man arguments and false premises.

The fourth video reminds us to separate the person from the argument. That's always a tough one to remember in the moment.

Video five describes the gambler's fallacy, while acknowledging that the human brain is always looking for patterns. Not a bad way to warn kids off gambling.

The final video looks at the utility (and limits) of the precautionary principle and notes that theories do not mean "I reckon this is probably true." I wonder what they could possibly be referring to.


[via Brain Pickings]

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"Logic is like math, but it can deal with more than numbers". FAIL.