Cripes, this Who Framed Roger Rabbit Deleted scene is terrifying

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Little known fact: There is a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? where the private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) comes running out with some sort of severed toon head wrapped around his face. It is absolutely terrifying.


Thanks to Cinetropolis we will now never be able to un-see this horror. Valiant is carted off to Toontown against his will by the weasels. When they are done with him the gang "paints" some sort of toon mask around his head and kicks him to the curb. He has to physically wash the smiling, blinking and moving head off in the sink, to get rid of it. See for yourself!

It's obvious why they cut this for a number of reasons, one being the sheer horror of the thing being half alive but not really. Also it kind of undoes the fear of the "dip" if you can wash a toon away, who cares about the dip. The lines are blurry, it's better with out it. But jesus christ is it gross.


[via Super Punch]

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Still not as scary as this moment.