Cringe-inducing 3D scan of a woman's foot bones in high heels

We all know that high-heeled shoes aren't great for the feet, but what exactly are those shoes doing to wearers' bones? Orthopedic researchers are now using a 3D-scanner to get a better look inside the feet of the high heel fan.


The PedCAT machine at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London takes global scans of patients' feet in just 60 seconds. The resulting 3D model gives orthopedists a much clearer picture of what's happening inside the foot than 2D X-rays do. In the Reuters video below, you can see the machine in action and RNOH consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andy Goldberg talking about the results:

Goldberg also explained to the Daily Mail that toe bones become squashed and clawed in the fronts of heeled shoes, and the big toe can deviate outward while the pea-shaped sesamoids at its base become dislodged. Although Goldberg says occasional wear won't impact foot health, regular daily wear puts feet at astronomically high risk for bunions.

Goldberg also believes that this research might help orthopedists develop better shoes, ones designed to fit feet comfortably and improve their health.

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But... but I want to keep wearing these... even though mine are a half size too small! DAMN YOU SCIENCE!