Crimes Yet To Happen In A Show That Already Has

If you've always thought "I wish that someone would make a television show out've Minority Report, only with soap stars replacing Tom Cruise," then you may just be interested in new BBC series Paradox.

Paradox, announced recently by the Beeb, is described by its director, the critically acclaimed Simon Cellan Jones, as "an electrifying white knuckle ride [that will] will leave the audience asking themselves dark, complicated questions about fate, the future and who controls it." Starring onetime Eastenders star Tamzin Outhwaite, the series follows a police detective whose beat includes crimes that haven't happened yet. Whether or not the show will include Samantha Morton as a bald psychic named after a famous mystery writer has not yet been revealed.


The BBC is already buzzing about the show, with a spokesman calling it "a fresh spin on the crime genre [featuring] a fantastically bold idea." Shooting on the new series begins next month.

Outhwaite to star in sci-fi drama [BBC News]

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