Creepy Tween Robot Learns The Hard Way About Puberty

Being a pubescent robot is confusing. Between the strange robo-boners to getting caught sneaking a glance in the girl's locker room, Inochi isn't having much luck.

We've introduced you to the young robot boy Inochi before. He was spawned from the mind of artist Takashi Murakami.


Murakami is known for his work that ranges to t-shirt prints all the way up to super graphic Anime sculptures that challenge our comfort limits. Yes, that is a giant statue of a man lassoing his own, ummm... spunk (that pic is NSFW).

This is the first time we've ever seen the video of his creation Inochi come to life, and it's disturbing yet endearing. Poor robot kids have to deal with all the same issues little boys do as well, much to their humiliating dismay. Be it old or young, robot or organic life form, we all have to deal with spring fever.


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Corpore Metal

Yeah, but why does he have a head shaped like a giant potato? And who's bright idea was it to force a human upbringing on this critter in the first place?