Creepy Trailer Alert: "The Scariest Norwegian Film Ever" Has A Sequel

Director Pål Øie's 2003 Dark Woods was voted "the scariest Norwegian film ever" by one of the country's biggest tabloids. So it's with no small fanfare that Dark Woods 2 is here, and thankfully has abandoned its predecessor's reality TV framework for a much spookier setting: an abandoned hospital.

Suggested double-feature, since the films look kinda similar in story if not in style and execution: Brad Anderson's Session 9, which stars David Caruso and Peter Mullan as members of an asbestos-removal team hired to clear out a creepy, abandoned mental hospital, a job that's already unpleasant by the time things start getting all Overlook Hotel.

[Via Twitchfilm]


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My strategy when someone says: "We need you to go do this thing at an abandoned hospital."

Firstly, noise. Anything that makes noise. I suggest organizing a constant electronica festival happening outside, constantly, 24 hours while you conduct your work. Do not stop it for a moment to let the silence return.

Secondly, light. Bathe that place in light, discoballs in every room permissible. Better yet, portable discoballs. Everywhere you go, do not let this place get dark, not even for a moment.

Thirdly, generators. Buy brand new ones, the size of a cargo container. DO NOT SKIMP (These will also help power the electronica festival). Then, place them outside the hospital, guarded by like, 6 people, constantly. This is where you have put your base of operations. Leading me to my main point...

DON'T STAY IN THE FUCKING CREEPY ASS HOSPITAL. Stay in a camp, stay in a hotel in a nearby city, commute if you must, but conduct your business in daylight hours and always in teams of 3 and before sunset, GO BACK TO THE HOTEL. THE CREEPY HOSPITAL DOESN'T WANT YOU THERE LONGER THAN YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.

(Note, 2 things bring me to genuine panic terror. Home invaders and abandoned or ghost "places". Ghost towns, ghost ships, abandoned jail/hospital/mines. Maybe I'd do a ghost town, maybe, but only in daylight and I ain't going in any house. I'll watch the car, with 2 other people. You're not out or back at the car before sunset, you're on your own because I'm out.)