Italian artist Andrea Petrachi (a.k.a. Himatic) creates mechanical sculptures from things that most people throw away — everyday items like camera lenses, discarded electronics, doll heads, and lamp shades. His work is meant to symbolize our uncontrolled penchant for consumerism. But they're also spectacularly wonderful — and often disturbing — works of art.


Writing in TrendHunter, Jason Soy explains further:

All the design aspects of the original products, such as chrome finishings and articulated joints, are absorbed into each new Petrachi figurine, resulting in original creations. If these toys were made available for sale to the public, I would not hesitate to purchase a few myself.

New to Andrea Petrachi's sculptures is the inclusion of doll faces. Though [he]'s experimented with them to a lesser degree in the past, many of [his] latest statues have opted to use the cutesy visages of actual toys, making it easier to empathize with [his] work.


There are many more images at Petrachi's gallery, so check it out.

Via TrendHunter. All images via Andrea Petrachi.