Someone was probably really proud of this collection just as the Second World War was about to start — but now it's just all sorts of wrong.

Top: The front row features a way-too-thin Herman Göring, Adolf Hitler, and an appropriately smug looking Benito Mussolini. All images via Hermann Historica via Retronaut.

Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels and Ernst Röhm. The Röhm figurine was discontinued after he was assassinated by Hitler in the Night of the Long Knives in June 1934.

Adolf Hitler in party uniform strikes his iconic pose.

Joseph Goebbels in party uniform.

Paul von Hindenburg and Adolph Hitler

Figurines include Spain's Francisco Franco, Hitler, and a very dark-skinned looking Joseph Stalin. Actually, what is Stalin doing in this collection? Between them, these men were responsible for over 70 million deaths.

Goose-stepping Nazi soldiers.

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