Creeptastic Short About A Child Imprisoned By Foxes Will Become A Film

If you haven't already seen the completely eerie stop-motion animated short Foxed!, get thyself to iTunes post haste, because it's really, really messed up. And now it's going to be an even freakier movie!

THR is reporting that Martin Katz (Cosmopolis) has purchased the rights to director James Stewart's short.Now for those of you previously unaware of Foxed!, here's the premise: A little girl is kidnapped by dead-eyed foxes and then forced to live and work inside blue goo mines. The foxes are actually pretty scary in a real creepy way, so this could turn out to be one hell of a nightmare movie (in the best possible way). Stewart is currently working on the script. The project is slated for a 2017 release.


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