Creepshow Gets Animated in Its Upcoming Halloween Special

From the Creepshow animated special.
From the Creepshow animated special.
Image: Shudder

Creepshow, Shudder’s horror anthology headed up by Greg Nicotero, is gearing up for Halloween with a two-story Halloween special. Only, both stories are animated, which adds an interesting stylistic twist to the series.


First up is “Survivor Type”, a Stephen King short story brought to life by Nicotero and the voice of venerable tough guy and former young vampire Kiefer Sutherland. This one features Kiefer as a man determined to survive on a deserted island, no matter what ills befall him. The second, a Joe Hill story adapted by Melanie Dale, stars Joe King (The Kissing Booth) as “a teen whose family road trip includes a visit to the gravest show on earth.”

The short preview here doesn’t give a big glimpse of the episodes, but they both seem to be employing a motion comic style of animation that’s pretty neat. Feels very in keeping with the short story adaptation going on. Also, I’m down to hear Kiefer Sutherland’s voice in everything—those exaggeratedly gruff tones are a pretty compelling match for animation.

The Creepshow animated special premieres on Shudder October 29th. 

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Gene Jacket

This sounds super cool, but Shudder can go fuck itself. I signed up for a the trial, and subsequently paid for a month, but at the time there just wasn’t anything compelling enough to keep me subscribed, so I cancelled...

Or, rather, I tried to cancel, but there’s no way of cancelling an account through the website. The only way was to email support and request that they do it for you, which I did, and then proceeded to wait a month and a half (long enough to get charged again, despite several “we’re working on it” emails) for them to actually get around to it. Purposefully making it so hard and take so long to shut down an account is just so blatantly anti-consumer, and it completely soured me on the whole platform.