Create your own Harry Potter epilogue and win the final Deathly Hallows DVD

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Do you dislike J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter epilogue? Think you can do better? Prove it to us with your own original epilogue, and we'll reward you with your own Deathly Hallows: Part 2 DVD!


Write, draw, paint, photoshop, or film your own take on Harry Potter should have ended (in the epilogue) and you could win a copy of the final Potter DVD.

Post your responses in the comment section below, and we'll pick two winners by Monday. You will be notified in the comment section. Feel free to vote for your favorites below as well!


Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will be available for purchase on 11.11.11 in Blu-ray™ Combo Pack with Ultra Violet Digital Copy and Download to Own.

Top image by Kathryn Hudson

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They were all there. Gathered together again. Last time they were all together they were mourning the deaths of so many of their friends. No one smiled, no one spoke. Now everyone was cheerfully chattering amongst them selves as if the events of the batte had never occurred. Chatting about the most mundane things; the weather, Quiddich scores, newly acquired aches and pains. He stood silent on this joyous occasion. A simple smile was all he needed to express what he truly felt. He was at peace, and nothing could take that from him. The children screamed and waved furiously from the cracked windows of the Hogwarts Express.

Faces smashed against the windows in twisted grins. Chocolate frogs were running wild across the train. The air was filled with excitement and laughter. The moment felt like it lasted forever. But like all good things this had to end. The shrieking whistle of the train cut through the cacophony of giggles and goodbyes. Harry stood like a statue, watching the train depart.

As the Hogwarts express shot out of the station a flurry of steam and snow pushed in behind it. A dance of dire and ice covering everyone, one by one, in a deep dense fog. Harry watched as all of his friends and family faded into the white cloud.

The wave washed over Hermony, her coppered hair slowly fading from sight. Ron too soon vanished into the fog. A gap tooth smile was the last thing he saw. Ginny held his had tight as the train whistled by, but soon it was replaced by the sting of the icy snow and searing steam. Her face, eyes, and lastly button nose receded into the milky clouds.

From the fog he could see the light. A glint, a sparkle, a clear path. Harry could see the shining beacon more clearly now as he stared through the not clearing swirls. He like the light glinting as the snow and steam whirled about the small globe.

He glared at the globe and smiled. All his friends and family, all the people in HIS life were there. Always there waiting for him. Waiting for the next adventures. Nothing could take that away. Nothing could ever take that away.

A voice shot from across the room,"I told you not to play with that" as a hand reached down and picked up a snow globe from the floor.

Upon first look it seemed like a simple little globe. When you inspected it fully you would see a small painted passenger train that poked out from a mountain tunnel in its perpetual and eternal track up the mountain path. The rails wound around a high mountain through dark woods full of mysterious unseen creatures. The snow pellets were starting to settle at the tippy top od the mountain on a precariously placed miniature replica of an ancient european castle. the little bits were rolling down its spires and settling in its battered courtyard, its bridge half decayed and broken.

Harry reached for the globe as it was whisked up and to a high perch atop the cold fireplace. He let out a guttural grunt to demand the return of the precious globe. By now the snow was still, the train hidden from view and the castle was almost indistinguishable from the rocky cliff it was perched on.

A slender frail man spoke softly as he waked towards Harry form the fire place, "you know you can'y play with that Harry... if it breaks you could cut yourself. We don't want to see that again". Harry grunted and yelled incomprehensibly at the man. Lashing out, swatting at him with a small broom he always carried with him. As the Man came closer he took the brunt of the bearing from the bristled end of the broom. "please stop harry, it's ok. It's me, you know me sweetie" The man tone had stern edge to it.

"That's all the time we have today Mr. Potter, visiting hours are over and you need to leave", hissed a man in a black lab coat at the end of the room.

"Ok..." Mr. Potter replied sheepishly, "do you think he is making good progress Dr, Riddell".

"Hes making what little progress he can make, there isn't much hope for him. We have hundreds of children here Mr. Potter and we can only help those who help themselves. Our last Chief of medicine took a very holistic approach that only worsened the situation for many of our patients" Dr. Riddell flippantly responded, "Now you must go, we need to give him his meds and we need him calm for the rest of the evening".

Mr. Potter walked out showing more defeat than he usually allows himself to. His feat falling heavily, one infront of the other. "Bye son..." he whispered.

Harry only lunged at him with a small sender wooden shard in his hand. Grunting wildly as he waved it around him as if he was trying to swat the words fastest fly.

Doctor Riddell looked over charts for several other children as he locked the door as both he and Mr. Potter exited the room. Harry turned back around to look at the mantle. The gleam of light from the snow globe reflected wildly in his eye. He stared deeply into the last few flakes of snow pellets falling down the sculpted mountain pass. He clutched his broom and wood shard as he lost himself. He didn't even react to the loud whistling noise of the radiator as it let loose another blast of cloudy steam blanketing the room in a warm moist myst.