Crazy Rumors And Speculation For Lost, Doctor Who And Caprica. Plus Di Caprio Talks Inception!

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Leonardo Di Caprio explains why Nolan's Inception confused him. There are tons of Doctor Who and Lost spoilers. Plus clips from Crazies, Supernatural, Repo Men, Smallville and Percy Jackson. Also: Real Steel casting call! And Heroes, FlashForward and V spoilers.



Star Leonardo DiCaprio describes this film:

It is Chris [Nolan] delving into dream psychoanalysis and, at the same time, making a high-octane, surreal film that came from his mind. He wrote the entire thing, and it all made sense to him. It didn't make sense to many of us when we were doing it. We had to do a lot of detective work (laughing) to figure out what the movie was about

[Inquirer via Slashfilm]

Real Steel:

Hugh Jackman's still looking for a co-star in his father-son robot boxing epic, and here's how the part of Max is described:

10-14 years old. He's a street-smart, tough, charming kid with a hard, untrusting outer shell which hides a warm enthusiastic spirit. A complicated, strong-willed and resourceful boy, Max is the product of a broken home, and he becomes the focus of a child custody hearing following the untimely death of his mother. Though his wealthy aunt and uncle would like full custody, his absentee father (Charlie, a downcast former boxer-turned-trainer of 'boxing robots') makes a side deal with the uncle to look after Max for several months in exchange for much needed cash. Max hits the road with his reluctant dad and uses his computer skills and ingenuity to create a series of boxing robots that perform well enough to get them back on track and, ultimately, lead to a bond between father and son that is unshakeable and enduring.

They should totally cast Max Records from Where The Wild Things Are. Partly because he's great, and partly because he should play every kid named Max. [Sci Fi Wire]

The Crazies:

Here's a couple of new clips featuring Radha Mitchell being dragged away, and an attack at a car wash. [Yahoo! Movies and UGO]


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The Wolfman:

Director Joe Johnston says his film avoids any kind of supernatural explanation for the main character's transformation: it's more like he's bitten, and a virus spreads inside his body that causes the "curse." And he talks a bit about taking over as director of this film after the original director walked, debates with the studio, and the 15 minutes that had to be cut to make the film's opening scenes fast-moving enough for audiences. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Repo Men:

Here are "all audiences" and "redband" UK trailers for this feature, which, er, repossessed the "Repo" title from Alex Cox and Darren Lynn Bousman.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief:

There are also a ton of clips from this epic movie, coming Friday.


A ton of set reports from the Transmission podcast. The Ajira Airways plane has a Dharma gas tank nearby.Hurley had a big night scene with Jack, plus there are nine fresh graves on the beach and Hurley seems to be grieving at one of them. There was a big scene involving Sayid, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Claire and Sun, plus a bunch of "Temple Others."


Then another big scene at the beach camp, involving Jack, Ben, Sun, Hurley, Illana, Frank and Richard. Illana hands her gun to Richard just long enough to get something out of her bag. Is the thing in Illana's bag explosives? It sounds like she sets off a giant explosion, which destroys what's left of Claire's tent, and uncovers a pit, similar to the Hatch — and she falls, possibly to her death. Also, Hurley's in the middle of the smoke, and then (ghost?) Michael comes out of the jungle. And it sounds like Michael and Hurley talk about the well, and possibly the fact that Locke pushed Desmond into the well.

Jack, Hurley, Claire and Sawyer, and a ton of Others, had a scene in the Others' village, and another village scene included Sayid, Locke, Jack, Cindy, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun and a bunch of "Locke's Others."


Meanwhile, in the alt-universe, Jack's law-firm scene had greenscreens outside the windows. Sawyer and Miles, the cop buddies, have an emergency-room scene, and Kate may have been there. Also, there are two ambulances: Sun is in one, and Locke is in the other, accompanied by Ben. Desmond and Claire were back at the Constellation tower, and also there were Jack and a young man — Jack's son, possibly — both wearing suits. [Transmission Podcast via SpoilersLost]

And set pics and video show Hurley talking to Michael in the cemetery, and then Hurley talking to Jack. Jack has a shotgun, and leaves Hurley behind, still in the cemetery. Ilana also talks to Hurley by the gravesite, and she too is toting a shotgun. And the Ajira plane was already on set. [SpoilersLost]

Alt-Desmond had a scene with Penny and Minkowski (still working as a driver) at the stadium where Desmond had his fateful run-in with Jack. Who wasn't there, as far as we know. [SpoilersLost]


A new casting call introduces three kids who'll show up in episode 6x15. I'm wondering if this an alt-universe flashback? Does any of these kids sound like someone we know?

[RYAN] Caucasian.. blond, 9 years-old to play 8, kind and shy. He has to take a test and is chastised for not being as good as the other kids... NICE CO-STAR.

[SEAN] Caucasian, dark hair, 9 years-old to play 8. Curious and rebellious, has an independent spirit sptv050769... NICE CO-STAR.

[MATT] Caucasian, dark hair, 12-14, dark hair, defiant and rebellious. Wise and smart but fights with other boys. He's given a big responsibility that makes him feel important... NICE CO-STAR.



Here are a ton of stills from tomorrow night's new episode, "What Kate Does". [Sci Fi Scoop]


Hurley is a "Jacob man" and is going to stay a "Jacob man," as people take sides in the Jacob/MIB war, says Jorge Garcia. And the stakes in the battle between good and evil are meaningful, say the producers. [Doc Arzt]

Doctor Who:

The wizards over at GallifreyBase posted their updated spoiler summary for the new season. Among other things: according to set reports and other sources, the newly regenerated Doctor crashes the TARDIS in the garden of the young Amelia Pond, a little girl. He runs up to the house shouting a warning, and later talks to young Amelia. Then he goes back into the TARDIS to do some repairs, and disappears. He reappears a few minutes later - but it's been years for Amelia, now Amy — and she's now a grown-up. She tells the Doctor she had 12 years of therapy. Also, the Earth is threatened by aliens, possibly called the Ataxis, who are searching for the escaped Prisoner 0. They announce via mobile phones and ice cream truck speakers (among other things) that all human life will be incinerated if non-humans don't announce themselves. Prisoner 0 is apparently a dog.


The second episode, co-starring Sophie Okonedo, seems to involve robed men, keys and clocks, and possibly a spaceship. In the third episode, the Dalek one, Winston Churchill's Daleks are called "Ironclads." Episodes four and five feature River Song, who says "Hello sweetie" to the Doctor. And this is probably the "wreck of the Byzantium," which she mentioned to the Doctor previously. River Song reportedly winds up in handcuffs at one point. And there may be two varieties of weeping angels in this story. Steven Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine:

Ahh, you think you know the Weeping Angels ... Well, think again! That lot in "Blink" were just scavengers, survivors hiding out on Earth. What might an Angel achieve at the height of its powers? And do you really think you're safe just because you don't blink...?


In the Silurian story, there are two levels of Silurian society, we may get to see a Silurian Senate, and a female Silurian reportedly falls in love with the Doctor. And the line "Don't diss the sonic!" is spoken. There's a rumor that Rory dies in the Silurian story. And in the just-filmed Stonehenge story, reportedly called "The Pandorica Opens," the Doctor, Amy and River Song visit a museum of history, and some old monsters may turn up. Also, there's speculation the "Pandorica" is like a kind of Pandora's Box, or a piece of technology that River Song finds and activates. More details at the link. [Gallifrey Base]


Think this show is just about Caprica and Tauron? Think again! Ron Moore says Scorpia will be mentioned frequently, and Sagittaron will become a hotbed of terrorist activity. "Gemenon is also a very important planet, probably the most important besides Tauron and Caprica, because it's the homebase for the monotheism movement and is the most religiously-oriented of the colonies and a lot of the conflict in the colonies is coming out of Gemenon." He says there'll be divisions in the Soldiers of The One organization, plus "you're gonna see surprises and revelations about the backstories of certain characters. I think Graystone Industries is going into places you didn't think it would go, and the relationship between Daniel and the Adama family is surprising. Just a lot of left turns." [L.A. Times]


Heres' a bit of random (but fascinating) speculation. Esai Morales has been pretty vocal lately in hinting that terrible, unthinkable things are going to happen to Joseph Adama later in the season. Everybody assumes that his son Willie Adama is the one character who can't die — but what if he does? And what if Joseph remarries and has another son, whom he also names William? Supporting info includes the fact that Willie's eyes are the wrong color, and Admiral Adama's dossier in "Hero" said his mother was "Evelyn" not "Shannon." (And we just met an Evelyn, the law clerk.) Anyway, food for thought. [Battlestar_Blog]

Here are three upcoming episode titles:

March 12 - The Imperfections of Memory
March 19 - Ghosts in the Machine
March 26 - End of Line




Three new clips from Thursday's Ben Edlund-penned episode. "Unattached drifter Christmas" is my new term for V-Day.

Join me in celebrating more Ben Edlund on television by shouting "Spooon!".

Michael Shanks, fresh from Smallville, teases his upcoming guest spot on this show:

The character's name is Rob, and he's a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Church, and basically it's a township that has pretty much organized to fight the demon apocalypse that's coming. They're not running and screaming. They're hunkering down. They've figured out a way to fight and whatnot. They boys come across them and are quite enamored by they way they've organized themselves. They have a sort of militia...when a tragedy occurs in Rob's family he sort of takes a bit of a hardline approach when it comes to his beliefs.




Here are some cute promo photos for the upcoming block of episodes, which serve mostly to rebuff those of you who don't think Morena Baccarin is lovely with short hair. [SpoilerTV]



Shaw will be in episode 3x13, as well as the episodes before that. Also, we won't delve any further into the General's backstory, and she's probably not Chuck's mom. We also won't be meeting Casey's parents this season, but we will delve more into Casey's backstory starting in episode 3x10. [ChuckTV]



A teenager finds a — bwa ha ha — magic comic book that transforms him into a superhero (at least at first) and Chloe blunders into the situation, in a new clip from Friday's episode. [KryptonSite]


It's the season finale tonight, so this may be your last chance to consume mutant spoilers. Robert Knepper says Samuel's finished trying to play nice, and now people will go along with him or else. Meanwhile, Jack Coleman says the whole "trapped in a trailer with no air" thing is good for HRG and Claire's relationship:

I think part of Samuel's evil plot is to have Claire watch HRG die, because his lungs will obviously collapse on him as the oxygen diminishes and hers will keep regenerating," Coleman says. "So, it's a pretty sticky wicket, but in the finale there are some pretty sweet scenes between the two of them that should be pretty touching. Even though there's been strain throughout the season, it never got to the point of 'I hate you and never want to see you again.' It was always mitigated by a sense of love, and the two of them have always been able to overcome their issues.


Finally, Hiro gets some closure with Charlie. And Matt Parkman stands in the way of Sylar and Peter saving everyone — to them, it's been three years and Sylar's repented, but to Matt it's only been half an hour. [TV Guide]


And even if Heroes ends forever tonight, we'll still have this show. Which issued a new casting call for episode 19:

[ANGIE TRIER] 30s.. Asian. Intelligent, professional, ambitious. Print news journalist for New Science Digest. She is invited to observe an exciting and momentous complex experiment in order to write a story about it.



Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



Am I the only one who is excited about V coming back? I utterly loved every minute of this show so far, and I can't wait for more. Still two months to go, will I survive? At least I've got me some Lost in the meantime