Crazy Robot Battles In New Astro Boy Clips!

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Astro Boy battles the giant robot Peacekeeper, in a no-holds-barred clip from the Pinocchio-bot animated adapation. And a second clip features Astro Boy taking part in brutal robo-gladitorial games. Deactivari Te Salutant! Plus tons of rocket-booting new stills!


We've seen some pretty brutal robot games in our time, but these might just take the cake:


Here are a ton of gorgeous, super high-res stills, showcasing some hot robot-on-robot action:

And here are some TV spots you might have missed, including one focusing on Astro Boy's relationship with Cora (Kristen Bell):


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Why does Astro Boy have a teenager's voice?

I prefer that Astro Boy series that came out a few years ago. It was cuter.