Crazy Pics And Video From Lost And Doctor Who

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We've sworn not to reveal spoilers about upcoming movies and shows on our front page. But how careful should we be with recently screened stuff? New York Magazine's Vulture blog got into trouble over the weekend for saying its readers should watch shows when they're on, or take the consequences. So what do you think is a good "statute of limitations" on TV shows and movies after their release dates? While you ponder this, we show you a shocking image from an upcoming Lost, and video of a returning menace on Doctor Who. Spoilers ahead!

  • As you may have figured, Batman: The Dark Knight avoids any "fall into a vat of chemicals" origin for the Joker, and just introduces him fully formed. And director Chris Nolan confirms that neither Ledger's role in the film, nor its marketing plan, will change as a result of his death. [CNN]
  • Another non-surprising spoiler: the new Star Trek movie is about time travel after all. [TrekWeb]
  • Sources tell io9 that Starbuck isn't alone when she discovers her own dead body in a crashed Raptor — Leoben is with her. The 10th episode of Battlestar Galactica season four also includes scenes of Col. Tigh in the water screaming for Ellen, and Tyrol flashing back to a past life.
  • So are the Daleks back on Doctor Who? Well, here's a video of the recent filming: The relevant dialog goes like this: Dalek: All humans will leave their homes. The males, the females, the descendants. You will come with us. Resistance is useless! Man: What do you want with us? Dalek: Daleks do not answer human questions. Stand in line. Man: We're not going anywhere. Do you hear me? Laura, Get back in the house! Simon, get inside! Get back in the sky! Get back where you came from! And leave us alone! And then the Dalek shouts "Maximum extermination," and there's a big explosion, although it's not in the video. [Doctor Who Insania, videos by Teekay477 and OhMySpiderFly]
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Immediately following that scene, Donna's grandfather Wilf (whom we met in the Christmas special, selling newspapers) and Donna's mom Sylvia confront some Daleks. Wilf has a paint gun, which he thinks will blind a Dalek and render it defenseless. Wilf goes out to confront the Dalek and it orders him to surrender. Wilf says, "Will I 'eck!" and shoots his paintgun — which fails to blind the Dalek at all. The Dalek is about to exterminate Wilf, when it gets destroyed somehow. And then there's another scene where a Dalek is about to exterminate Wilf for "resistance," when Rose appears and explodes the Dalek. She says to Wilf, "Are you Donna Noble's grandfather? I'm Rose Tyler — and I need you." [Planet Gallifrey]

  • Also, the penultimate episode of season four takes place on some kind of post-apocalyptic Earth, overrun with Daleks, where greenhouse gases are at an all-time high. Rose and Captain Jack both run around with giant enormous guns. And the Doctor gets shot down by Daleks at some point, and Rose and Jack rush to try and revive him and get him back to the TARDIS. Then the Daleks transfer the TARDIS to the Crucible (their ship?) and it vanishes while Mickey, Jackie and Sarah Jane watch. [Planet Gallifrey again]
  • And here's The Sun's article on these goings on.
  • Lost episode 9, which airs April 24 after a brief hiatus, features the funeral of Nadia, Sayid's former sweetie whom he saved from a firing squad back in season one. Sayid is a pallbearer at her funeral, and Ben is not far away. Here's a picture of an extra from the episode holding Nadia's photo, which is placed on her coffin. [SpoilersLost]
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  • This is presumably among the sequences that take place in Tunisia or somewhere else in North Africa or the Middle East.
  • That episode will also feature scenes set in "war-torn Iraq," including some bombed-out buildings and a defaced Saddam Hussein poster. There's a scene where a car with a wooden structure on it ploughs into an archway. [SpoilersLost]
  • That episode, by the way, is rumored to be called "Bakir," which is the name of a character we meet in it — a distinguised 40-ish Middle Eastern man with an undercurrent of menace behind his charm. [TVFanForums]
  • Meanwhile, Lost episode 10 introduces Dr. Erika Stevens, an African American doctor who works long hours to help her patients. And episode 11 is probably a flashback to the childhood of a male character with green eyes (Ben? Or Locke?) The producers are seeking child actors to play a five-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy, both with green eyes. The shy-but-smart five-year-old version has to take a test and is nervous about passing, while the 16-year-old is a nerdy rebel who tries to fight back against some older boys but gets pushed into a locker. There's also a 16-year-old girl with red hair, who's "passionately in love and fights with her mom about it." [DocArzt]
  • There are hints that a Torchwood regular will make the "ultimate sacrifice" in the season finale... and rumors that it might be Ianto. (But my money's actually on Owen, who's already dead, after all.) [Erised]
  • Also, in the Torchwood finale, Captain John Hart (aka Spike) shows up again, to take his revenge. He sends Captain Jack back in time for a "long overdue" reunion. The rest of the Torchwood team are faced with a Cardiff on the brink of destruction and overrun with Weevils. But Captain John may be working for someone else. Also, we may see the return of Captain Jack's long-lost little brother, Gray. [TorchwoodTV]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Plague: Actually, I've been pretty careful about that. My Torchwood recaps usually have a super non-spoilery image for the clip, usually just one of the main characters. And the headlines tend to be pretty non-descript, while still making the post sound interesting. Most recent one was "circus of pain" which doesn't really give away more than the trailers for the episode.