Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

What exactly is the mutant Beak doing in Wolverine? How do Terminators get their eyeballs? Just how empowered are Dragonball's women? Those questions have spoilery answers! Plus Dollhouse, Heroes, Lost, Fringe, Supernatural and Reaper dirt.


Dominic Monaghan gives a teeny bit of background on what his character, Beak, is doing in this movie:

My character's story begins the angry motivational moves for Wolverine. I'm a guy who was friends with Logan in his earlier Army days, and something goes down in an Army sortie, and because of that, Logan gets brought back into a combat scenario.


[E! Online]

Terminator Salvation:

The Academy Awards showed a super-brief montage of clips from this movie during its closing credits.


Monsters Vs. Aliens:

The closing credits during the Oscars also included a shiny eight seconds of clips from this upcoming movie:

Dragonball Evolution:

The movie did a press conference in Korea, and a few snippets of new footage showed on Korean TV. [DB The Movie]


Battlestar Galactica:

Here are some pics from episode 4x17, "Someone To Watch Over Me." [SpoilerTV]




Keep looking in the backgrounds of the upcoming episodes, because another "observer" may be turning up soon — and co-creator Roberto Orci says it may be a female observer this time. [E! Online]


Also, Jasika Nicole says she'll finally get more screen time in an upcoming episode, as we learn why Astrid was chosen to do such a crucial job and have access to so much crucial information. [E! Online]


Here are some pics from the show's fourth episode, "Gray Hour." [Multipleverses]




During that episode, Echo gets "remotely deactivated" by telephone, and it's bad news. And the mysterious former doll Alpha is responsible. [E! Online]


Getting back to the island is not what the Oceanic Six expected, says actor Jorge Garcia, and the O6 get split up and scattered through time. The time-jumping storyline will continue, but with a pause in one decade (the 1970s, I guess.) And there are more hints that Sawyer and Juliet will be hooking up long-term, at least for now. Also, Sawyer is becoming more of a leader and gaining some substance, says Josh Holloway. Sawyer's leadership role will put him in opposition to some of the Oceanic Six's goals, and cause him to butt heads with Jack. [TV Guide via SpoilersLost]


Here are some sneak peeks from tomorrow night's episode.



Joshua Rush appeared as Young Sylar in a photograph shown during the first episode of the "Fugitives" story arc (see pic, right), and the young actor blogged that he'll be back in next Monday's episode, playing Young Sylar, probably in a flashback of some sort. [SpoilerTV]

We'll see more of Rebel coming up, and it's looking increasingly likely that he/she is really young Micah. And Noah and Sandra may actually get divorced. Sylar remembers more of his childhood before he was given up for adoption, and we'll learn that one of his "signature" psycho killer acts runs in the family. (Like, dad used to slice people's foreheads too?) [E! Online]


Here's a new trailer for episode 4x15, "Death Takes A Holiday." Anna the "disgraced angel" is back, and so's Tessa, the reaper who tried to claim Dean back in the season two opener. [Thanks Amy!]


And Dean and Bobby start an intervention for Sam, over his addiction to demon blood, and keep him prisoner. (Bondage!) Also, the show is casting a cutie-pie 11 year old who's suddenly possessed and turns into an ice queen, which means Lilith is probably coming back. [E! Online]

True Blood:

The show put out another casting call, this time for episode 2x05, "Never Let Me Go." They're looking for someone to play Gabe, a fierce drill instructor at a boot camp for vampire hunters; Stan, Godric's metrosexual lieutenant in Texas, who dresses in fancy Westernwear and is a volatile troublemaker; and Isabel, an elegant Hispanic vampire and Godric's other lieutenant. [SpoilerTV]


Also, we'll catch up with Eric in 10th Century Scandinavia, when he was first turned into a vampire. [E! Online]


Here's what happens in episode 2x02, "Dirty Sexy Mongol":

Sam's (Bret Harrison) been given a new assignment from the Devil (Ray Wise) but all he can focus on is finding out how Alan (guest star Sean Patrick Thomas) got of his deal with the Devil. However, after Sam and Alan are attacked by two demons sent by the Devil, Alan refuses to talk to him anymore and disappears. One of the demons takes a surprising interest in Ben (Rick Gonzalez).



Also, TV Guide says Sam, Sock and Ben come back from their male-bonding road trip to find they've lost their jobs, and Sam's in hot water with Andi over all his evasions. Andi gets a promotion at the Work Bench, and there are some new characters that add complications (such as love triangles) to existing storylines. [Reapersite]