You're part of a crack crew sailing the high seas, trying to get to make your fortune mining the trash gyres that swirl in the oceans - and solve mysteries of the deep! It sounds way too cool to be a game on Facebook, that's the beauty of Crazy Boat. At last Jules Verne nerds with a taste for eco-dystopia have something to do casually online!

Crazy Boat looks incredible, and was created by a group of designers, including Joe Alterio - whose Monsters + Robots project we've featured on io9 before. Just grab the app, and it uses your updates and public information to create a futuristic profile for you - apparently I'm a writer, scientist and hacker. Which sounds good to me!


Here's an official description of the game:

It is the near future and the Pacific Trash Vortex has reached critical mass. A new age of sea entrepreneurship has arisen. Take your rusty rig and explore a changed Pacific Ocean...

ECHO TEAM is proud to present the official launch of the new social game, CRAZYBOAT. CRAZYBOAT aims to use the Facebook platform for its true strengths: the representation and hosting of existing social dynamics and groups in the rich game world. CRAZYBOAT uses Facebook profile data to give players in-game bonuses for their real-world skills and strengths. In addition, in a first for Facebook games, players share their adventures with groups of up to four – and what happens to one affects all four.

ECHO TEAM has also called upon some of the greatest mid-century American action serials to make a game that both harkens back to the adventures of yore and puts a new face on the idea of exploration, with an emphasis on the environmental impact of what reckless exploration means to the planet at large.


You can find the game here.