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Craig of the Creek's Resident Magical Girl Is on Her Way to Beat the Heat

Sparkle Cadet fleeing from treacherous heat monsters.
Sparkle Cadet fleeing from treacherous heat monsters.
Image: Cartoon Network

Every single one of the kids who hangs out in Craig of the Creek’s titular overgrown wonderland has some sort of defining trait that sets them apart from their peers and reflects the sort of interests that drive their imaginations. Craig, for instance, likes cartography and exploring, whereas Sparkle Cadet, a hero from “another dimension,” is deeply into magical girl anime.


During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Craig of the Creek’s Philip Solomon and Lucia Cunningham showcased a bunch of trailers for Cartoon Network’s upcoming features, like We Bare Bears The Movie and Ben 10 Versus The Universe as well as clips from new episodes of Apple & Onion and Victor and Valentino. The short clip of Craig of the Creek that aired during the showcase, which you can see below, spotlighted Sparkle Cadet’s return to the creek in a new summer-themed adventure with all the trappings of a classic Sailor Moon episode.

With the heat making everyone feel as if they’re melting, Sparkle Cadet, like all the Creek kids, ventures to the Trading Tree in search of a cool refreshment. What she finds as she ventures into the woods, though, is both cause for alarm and a reason for her, Craig, and another kid named Cannon Ball to set out on a mission.


All of Cartoon Network’s new programming is set to launch in very vague window of “coming soon,” according to Solomon.

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