Image credit: Carlos Dattoli, all artwork used with permission of the artist.

When the official uniforms for next years Power Rangers movie were first revealed, fans were surprised at just how Iron-Man-esque the latest teenagers with attitude were looking. It was a decidedly mixed reaction to be sure—but what would it have been like if these fan-imagined suits had been revealed instead?

This brilliant bit of redesign work comes from artist Carlos Dattoli, who recently shared them online, and they’re a brilliant compromise between modern costume design and paying homage to the iconic looks of the original Rangers. A lot of elements from the film costumes are there, from the morphing buckler integrated into the suit’s belt, to a smaller take on the classic diamond print design on the costumes.

But the suits themselves are much more faithful to the classic incarnations: the right colours (if a bit muted), helmets that are way more in line with the originals, and streamlined suits that, while still borrowing from the modern costume design approach of hyper detail and heavy texturing, are closer to the classic spandex than they are Marvel’s Iron Avenger. In an alternate reality where these are the movie designs, there’d probably still be complaints—this is, after all, the internet—but I bet reaction wouldn’t have been anywhere near as mixed. These feel like a modern take on the classic costumes a lot more than the actual movie costumes do.


You can see more of Carlos’ artwork on his Behance and Facebook pages.