Cowboy Bebop Pop Vinyls? Cowboy Bebop Pop Vinyls!

There is seemingly no way to stop Funko from turning every franchise on the planet into a big-eyed pop vinyl army, like the gray goo apocalypse but with figurines. Their latest conquest? Spike and friends from the excellent Cowboy Bebop.

Yes, coming this December, Spike, Faye, Ed, and Jet—no Ein, sadly—will be getting Funko Pops of their own, as part of the company’s line of animation-based vinyl toys. Gaze upon Spike’s giant head, made even more giant by his fluffy anime hair, and be amazed at its girth.


Each Pop will cost you around $12 when they release later this year. What will Funko Pop-ify next? Whatever they can get their hands on, obviously.

[Nerd Reactor]


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