Several months ago, Mark Wayne Williams was arrested in Petoskey, Michigan hanging from a building, wearing a Batman outfit and brandishing a baton, chemical spray, and weighted gloves.

As a stipulation of his probation, Williams — a self-modeled superhero who donned the cowl for local crime prevention and homeless outreach efforts — is not allowed to wear any costumes. The Superhuman Registration Act, it's becoming more of a reality every passing day. Reports the Petoskey News-Review:

Williams also told the Petoskey News-Review the reason he climbed onto the roof of the downtown Petoskey business that night was because he was being chased by a group of people and was trying to evade them.

"I just didn't want to deal with the harassment, so I hid on the roof," he said.

Circuit court judge Charles Johnson sentenced Williams to six months probation and a condition of that probation is that he is not to wear any costumes. [...] Williams, who considers himself a costumed activist and has been involved with a group of like-minded people called The Michigan Protectors, said the costumes are intended to draw attention to the cause.


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