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Count Dracula Learns To Be a Grandfather in Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer

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The teaser trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2, the sequel to the surprisingly cute Hotel Transylvania, has Adam Sandler's Dracula taking on the role of grandpa to his half-human grandchild.


Instead of throwing the kid into the deep end to teach him to swim — as is traditional — Dracula throws his kid off of a very tall tower to teach him to fly. It goes as well as can be expected. There's even some nice lampshading of the overly-long gag.

Hotel Transylvania 2 will be released September 25, 2015.

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the surprisingly cute Hotel Transylvania...

?! I thought this got panned pretty badly across the board. Now I don't have too feel so bad for kind of liking it (although by no means would I have paid the price of a movie ticket to have seen it).